Welcome To Shamala Mohanasundaram, M.D.

Offering a full spectrum of services to our patients to treat a variety of conditions.

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Welcome To Shamala Mohanasundaram, M.D.

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician in Los Gatos, CA

Board-certified Family Medicine physician, Shamala Mohanasundaram, MD, aka Dr. Shamala enjoys providing top-notch care for the entire family at her private practice in Los Gatos, California. Dr. Shamala practices evidence-based and conservative medicine and has extensive experience and education.

Dr. Shamala offers a wide spectrum of effective and personalized services, such as annual wellness visits, Pap smears, vaccinations, physical exams for school and sports, referral for mammograms and bone scans, and smoking cessation and counseling.


SculpSure treatments help you safely reduce stubborn fat in problem areas such as the belly, love handles, back and thighs -- with a treatment plan that is customized to the results you desire.

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Well Visits

Staying on top of your wellness visits and regular checkups helps you to be proactive with your health care and protect your health.

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Vaccinations can protect your health and prevent serious diseases, many of which could become life-threatening. At her private practice in Los Gatos, California, board-certified family medicine physician Dr. Shamala offers vaccinations, including pneumonia, flu, Shingles, HPV, meningococcal and tetanus shots.

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Urgent Care

Where you have a minor injury, the flu, strep throat, or the common cold, rest assured you’re in good hands with highly trained family medicine physician Dr. Shamala.

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Board Certified Family Medicine Physician in Los Gatos, CA

Meet Shamala Mohanasundaram, M.D.

After receiving her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree from J.J.M. Medical College in Davangere, India, Dr. Shamala completed her family practice medical residency at Texas Tech University and Health Science Center in Amarillo, Texas.

Ever-evolving her knowledge and education, Dr. Shamala stays active in her field. She is a Board Certified Family Physician.
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Success Stories

Dr Shamala is such a great doctor I actually look forward to my office or now Zoom appointments. She is an excellent diagnostician, takes as much time as needed to discuss whatever problems I have. She is warm, compassionate, and has a charming sense of humor. Her office is inviting and spotless. Her staff are warm and welcoming. I’ve been to a lot of GP’s and Internists over my lifetime and she rates #1 on that list.

Barbara P.

After being associated with the same Primary Care Physician for 5 plus years, a change in the insurance provider was forcing me to look for a new Primary Care Physician. After reviewing a lot of online feedbacks I decided to take an appointment with Dr Shamala. I am writing this after my first appointment and happy to inform that, so far, I am very happy with my decision. The patient onboarding was very smooth. Dr Shamala's staff was very efficient and pleasant. Dr Shamala herself has a very pleasant and engaging nature which puts you at ease. She was thorough with her enquiries. She patiently listened and responded to my queries. She gave positive recommendations towards improving my health. I am looking forward to my follow-up appointment.

Girish C.

Dr. “Shamala” is professional, friendly, easy to talk with and has an unhurried mannerism that helps ensure her patients have the opportunity they need to ask her about all of their concerns. I am honored to have her as my Dr.

Doug E.

I have always been able to talk to the doctor and get my problems resolved. This time I took my mom, who is visiting us for few months. It was like dealing with trusted family. Would not consider changing doctors.She treated my mother in a same way as she treats me with tender loving care.I have gone to Dr.Shamala for a year now and have always been very satisfied with the care and attention that I have received from the Doctor and her staff. Thank you Dr.Shamala.

Sandya M.

Dr. Shamala was so welcoming to me as a new patient. She took time to ask me questions and really listened to my answers. She has a calmness and kindness I appreciated and she laughed with me as we chatted. I am so glad I am a patient in her practice.

Rebecca O.

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