It’s disheartening, to say the least when you eat nutritiously and are mindful about getting good exercise daily, only to see underwhelming results. Sometimes you can work your heart out, but still have jiggly parts and problem areas that simply refuse to budge.

It’s not fair, but it’s a real problem, and you’re not alone. Until recently, there was really nothing that could be done to address these spots, but a groundbreaking treatment in body contouring, SculpSureⓇ, is ridding many of fat pockets they’re only too happy to see go.

Dr. Shamala Mohanasundaram offers this advanced body contouring treatment that’s targeted to eliminate fat rather than facilitate weight loss. SculpSure is far superior to invasive, painful surgical procedures like liposuction. As a board-certified Family Physician, Dr. Shamala delivers sophisticated care along with warmth and a listening ear.

What makes SculpSure so special?

Dr. Shamala is enthusiastic about SculpSure for her patients because it offers you so many undeniable benefits:

1. Supreme safety

SculpSure is minimally invasive, meaning that treatment doesn’t involve cutting. Instead, Dr. Shamala carefully administers laser energy via a small, handheld device. The heat that’s delivered by the laser goes beneath your skin to the targeted area where your unwanted fat is, destroys those cells, and leaves your surrounding tissue unaffected.

Your own lymphatic system processes the fat cells and your body eliminates them over time. Another reassuring fact about SculpSure is that its FDA-cleared.

2. Treatment: Short and sweet

Our patients can’t believe how easy and comfortable SculpSure treatments are. Your treatment area is cooled during the entire treatment, including when Dr. Shamala sends the laser energy to obliterate those pesky fat cells. You feel a periodic tingly warmth, but no discomfort. Some of our patients even describe the treatment as spa-like!

A SculpSure session doesn’t disrupt your whole day either — you’re typically done in under 30 minutes!

3. Downtime? What’s that?

How does zero downtime sound after your SculpSure treatment? Unlike an invasive suction treatment that requires anesthesia, weeks of recovery, and going home with drains, none of this is involved with SculpSure treatment. You leave our office and return to your normal life, rather than enduring weeks of swelling, pain, and bruising.

The post-procedure benefits of SculpSure make it a no-brainer choice!

4. SculpSure is versatile

Since the SculpSure platform includes four different attachments, this enables Dr. Shamala to deliver treatment with great precision.

SculpSure can be used for fat on your abdomen, back, thighs, and even under your chin. It also works on those dreaded love handles! Treatments are also effective no matter what your skin type.

You start to see the benefits of SculpSure between six and 12 weeks after your treatment.

5. SculpSure is customizable

We mentioned the many areas of your body that SculpSure treatments can improve, but Dr. Shamala also discusses your unique goals in order to create a treatment plan that’s right for you. Your plan includes where you receive treatment and how many sessions she believes are needed.

6. The results are incredible — and permanent!

Possibly the most exciting thing about SculpSure is that it delivers more than promises. After treatment, you know — and see with your own eyes — that your unwanted fat is gone, your skin is firm, and the fat won’t return! A whopping 90% patient satisfaction rate doesn’t hurt either.

Dr. Shamala is always gratified by how thrilled her patients are with SculpSure’s results.

If you’re wondering whether SculpSure is right for you, meet with Dr. Shamala to see if you’re a candidate for treatment. To see an illustration of how SculpSure works, check out the education video we feature on our website.

Call our office to schedule a SculpSure consultation, or reach out to us via our website, and get ready to bid a fond farewell to your unwanted fat!

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