Warts are harmless, but they can be unsightly. Fortunately, there are over-the-counter topical treatments for them. But often, the removal of warts in your doctor’s office is the best option.

Board-certified family physician Dr. Shamala understands that both children — who are frequently affected by warts — and adults alike feel embarrassed about these unsightly bumps when they’re located on a frequently seen body part, like your hands, toes, or knees. These are common warts, though there are many other types.

A stubborn wart can also cause pain if you tend to pick at it or accidentally collide with a surface that bumps your wart.

We offer easy wart removal procedures, as well as complete care for those living with chronic conditions, patients in need of a minor ear, nose, and throat procedures, well care, urgent care, and more.

I practice good hygiene, why do I have a wart?

Warts don’t emerge because of bad hygiene. They also get a not-quite-accurate bad rap because they’re associated with menacing witches in fairy tales and toads!

Warts are skin growths that are actually caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), of which there are over 100 variants.

If you try home wart treatment first

If you have a wart, it can spread to a different part of your body or someone else through contact. Even though many go away with no treatment, it can take a long time.

Topical wart removers that you can purchase over-the-counter can help, but again, they typically require long periods of time to be effective. Getting your warts professionally removed by Dr. Shamala makes sense.

There are things you should watch for if you’re struggling with warts that indicate you should visit us, including if your wart becomes uncomfortable or bleeds, or if you see warts multiplying and forming constellations.

It’s important to monitor the skin that surrounds your wart as well, and seek treatment if you notice the area becoming irritated or bleeding as well. You may notice that your wart or warts are growing rapidly, and sometimes a wart can be positioned so it gets in the way of what you’re doing.

Don’t delay getting treated for warts either, if you live with an autoimmune condition like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.

I’m nervous about getting my wart removed, is it uncomfortable?

Fortunately, Dr. Shamala removes warts in a couple of different ways, but neither causes great discomfort and the freedom of not worrying about a wart anymore? Priceless.

Dr. Shamala always spends plenty of time when you come for wart removal talking to you about your history of warts, to what degree they’re bothering you, and discussing your overall health history. This information informs her decision about which removal method she’ll select:

  • Electrocautery or thermocautery wart removal involves employing an electric current that moves in alternating directions, sending the heat from the currents to a resistant metal wire electrode. This destroys the wart, and the method is used to remove other skin growths as well.
  • The chemical cautery removal method uses chemical solutions, such as salicylic acid, to get rid of the wart. Even though salicylic acid is the active ingredient in many drugstore wart removal products, Dr. Shamala can use a more potent solution than is sold over the counter, so it’s much more effective.

And remember, both of these wart removal techniques aren’t uncomfortable, so you can sit back and relax, knowing you’re in Dr. Shamala’s capable hands. She counsels you about how to care for the treated area afterward, and deliberately opted to offer these solutions over cryotherapy, which freezes warts. That can cause pain.

Dr. Shamala is happy to offer wart removal and other minor skin procedures in her office to her patients, and she’s committed to making your experience quick and pleasant.

The best part? You leave without warts you came in with!

Call our office at 408-290-8467 to set up a wart removal appointment, or reach out to us through our website.

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